PlayStation 5, Oddworld creator: Consol to be innovative


The PlayStation 5 is one of the great promises of the gamer world for 2020, creators of the game Bugsnax have already stated that the controller should bring an unparalleled experience and now we have more news from the console that should also innovate a lot in the area of ​​socialization among players according to an interview given by the creator of Oddworld.

In an interview with PlayStation Magazine, Lorne Lanning, creator of Oddworld detailed some news that we should see on the Sony console. According to him, the new console will allow new possibilities for social interaction that will not require users to necessarily need other devices or social networks to keep in touch during the game.

“Speaking of sharing capabilities, the social news that has been incorporated into the PS5 – I still don’t know how much I can really talk about … I want to be careful, but they are doing a lot more things, like allowing you to expand your experience a little more to your human network of people you’re connected to. ”

What we can understand is that the PlayStation 5 will have new ways to maintain contact between players during matches. This will certainly open up new possibilities for developers, who will certainly explore new ways to keep players connected while playing to transform games into instant social networks with innovative interactivity, although we still don’t know how it will really happen.

In addition, Lanning says the PlayStation 5 will really help players if they get stuck at some stage during the game, monitoring users who are playing at a more advanced difficulty level. This has already been shown in a patent and combines even more with the possibility of buying in-game tips, a rumor pointed out in early 2020.

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For now Sony has yet to release official dates for the announcement and sale of the PlayStation 5, but rumors point to a date in November, when the console should hit the shelves at a price higher than its competitor: the Xbox Series X.


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