PlayStation 5 made history with sales figures


PlayStation 5 sales figures were announced by Digitimes, which is known for its statistical research on these issues. According to the report announced by Digitimes; PS5 was the PlayStation with the highest number of sales in the first four weeks to date.

PlayStation 5 sales expected to increase in 2021

There was a shortage of stock in many regions for the new game console recently introduced to consumers by Sony. Despite this situation, the sales figures reached by the console were astonishing. In the announced report, it was stated that PS5 sold 3.4 million units in the first four weeks.

The expectations for PlayStation 5 sales figures in the new year were that there will be an increase. It is estimated that the total sales for PS5 in 2021 will reach 18 million. On the Sony side, efforts are underway to meet this demand.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that swept the world, many sectors have problems at the shipping point. Sony has also had its share of these problems. However, the company will try to solve the situation in the new year and will aim to solve the stock problem in the North American and European markets in the first place. At the same time, the stock shortage in Asian countries is expected to be resolved in the first months of 2021.


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