PlayStation 5: Jim Ryan, 99% of PS4 games


PlayStation has finally released the prices and the official launch date for the PS5 and has cheered up most of those eager for the new generation. Minutes later, Jim Ryan confirmed in an interview with the Washington Post that 99% of PS4 games run on the new console.

The PlayStation Plus Collection was also announced during the showcase and promised 18 PS4 titles for the start of the new generation. The service is probably a preparation of the ground for the rest of the games that must come later through the functionality.

The information that the PS5 can play 99% of the PS4 games reinforces the idea that Sony intends to take 4 thousand games from the current generation to the new. It is worth mentioning that who will decide if PlayStation 4 games arrive for PlayStation 5 or not are publishers, not Sony.

What do you think of PS4 games coming to PS5? Is it not a necessary impulse for players to engage the new generation? Comment with us in the comments section below!

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