PlayStation 5 is shocking about resolution!


The fact that the long-awaited consoles will be released within two weeks has led to the increase in information. As new information continues to come for PlayStation 5, a new detail has emerged regarding the resolution. The PS5 console, which can play 4K 120 FPS games, does not support 2K, ie 1440p resolution, according to those that have emerged. How about PlayStation 5 resolution?

PlayStation 5 is shocking about resolution!

The lack of resolution on the PS5 was revealed thanks to BenQ. BenQ, one of the major monitor manufacturers, has announced that Sony’s new console does not recognize 1440p resolution displays. In line with this situation, the console automatically gives a 1080p image on screens that offer 2K resolution. So if you want to experience PS5 using a 2K screen, you will be able to play games in 1080p resolution. Apart from that, let’s add that it offers the right resolutions on Full HD and 4K displays without any problems.

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Sony’s decision to make such a decision for the new console is a sad result for gamers. Because gamers around the world mostly use the monitors they use on the PC rather than buying a new TV or screen. On the PC side, 4K gaming requires a high cost, so monitors that offer Full HD and 2K resolution are much more than 4K. For this reason, users with a screen that gives 2K resolution will experience a 1080p gaming experience by encountering “downscale” when they connect a PS5.

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