PlayStation 5: Important Statement From Sony On Stocks


PlayStation 5 supply problems are not expected to be resolved in the short term. According to Bloomberg’s report, finance chief Hiroki Totoki made the assessment on the issue, speaking with analysts after the company’s latest financial report. Totoki said that they had difficulties in meeting the PlayStation 5 demands and stated that they expect this process to continue in 2021.

According to the report, Totoki said: “I do not expect the demand to slow down this year, and even if we produce a lot more PlayStation 5 next year, our supply will not fully meet the demand. We have sold over 100 million PS4s. Considering our market share and reputation, we do not expect this number to go down on PlayStation 5. ”

Sony aims to produce at least 14.8 million PlayStation 5 during its fiscal year, which begins with April 2021. The company announced that the number of PlayStation 5 it sold until March 31 was 7.8 million. PS4, on the other hand, had sales of 14.8 million in its first full fiscal year. However, the problems experienced in the supply and production of PlayStation 5 were not in question at that time. Still, looking at the available data, it appears that the demand for PlayStation 5 is higher.

It can be said that Totoki’s statement is different from the previous statements on the Sony front. The Japanese game giant stated that the PlayStation 5 supply will get better every month in 2021. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told The Financial Times: “The improvement in the supply chain will continue throughout the year. Thus, when we come to the second half of 2021, we will be able to see reasonable numbers. ”

It seems likely that the PlayStation 5 supply will improve at some point. However, Totoki’s statement shows that even if production capacity increases, Sony will have difficulties in meeting the demand.


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