PlayStation 5 has an unexpected problem


An unexpected problem was detected in PlayStation 5, which appeared on November 12, in the world. Several players complained that the PlayStation 5 completely turned itself off while in rest mode and had no energy-saving activity.

PlayStation 5 rest mode is causing problems for players

The rest mode on the PS5 was expected to allow players to pick up where they left off, just like the PS4. However, many players who own the console have mentioned that the rest mode permanently causes crashes and the device deletes all data.


Users who experienced the problem complained that they rebuilt the PS5 database, similar to what happened when the system was accidentally shut down or there was a power outage. While no steps have been taken to fix the problem yet, some players fear that the problem in question could render the device completely unusable.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales was shown as the game where the problem in the rest mode was most encountered. According to journalist Jeff Gerstmann’s Twitter account, putting the console into rest mode while the game is running crashes the entire system and forces users to repair the external drive. He also said that he encountered a black screen every time he went through the repair process, and that he pressed the power button to fix it and then the device was turned on again normally.

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