PlayStation 5 Has A Perfect Feature That Announced


One of the most trusted names in the gaming industry, Jason Schreier made a remarkable statement about the PlayStation 5. Schreier announced on Twitter the most important feature of the PlayStation 5.

Japan-based technology giant Sony, the new game console PlayStation 5 has been working on for a while. Although the company has made certain statements so far, there are still many unknown details about the PlayStation 5. However, the information now appears to reveal a very important detail about the PlayStation 5.

First of all, what we have to say is that; The information we will share with you soon is not disclosed by Sony. However, Jason Schreier, one of the experienced authors of a website called “Kotaku”, is one of the most trusted names in the gaming industry, and his statements are often decisive for the industry.

Schreier’s comments came from Twitter. In fact, it wasn’t about PlayStation 5, it was about Google’s new game streaming service, Google Stadia. Schreier, who retweeted the statements of a different press member about Google Stadia, mentioned an important feature of PlayStation 5. According to Schreier, this feature will be one of the most important points to sell the PlayStation 5.

A writer named Paul Tassi mentioned in a statement on Twitter the two best features of Google Stadia. According to him, one of the two best features of Google Stadia; the lack of time-consuming operations such as copying and downloading, and the other was that Google Stadia’s load times were very fast. Schreier’s response to this author was as follows;

“It’s not a coincidence, it’s just the lack of time to play, just download and download the required files. These are the most important points to sell the PlayStation 5.”

Schreier’s statement reveals that the upcoming PlayStation 5 is about to bring a major innovation to the gaming industry. But of course we don’t know what PlayStation 5 will offer in this context.

Sony’s upcoming announcements will undoubtedly bring out the innovations that the PlayStation 5 will offer. However, Schreier’s statements seem to excite gamers already.


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