PlayStation 5 Exhausted As It Was Opened For Pre-Order


The PlayStation 5, whose price and release date were announced just two days ago, was immediately sold out in retail stores where it was pre-ordered. However, behind this intense interest lies not the players but the shopping bots.

Sony officially introduced the price and release date of the new generation game console PlayStation 5 at an online event it held recently. After Sony’s announcement, many international retailers opened PlayStation 5 for pre-order, but all units opened for pre-order were sold out in a short time.

It was expected that there would be intense interest in the PlayStation 5 all over the world, but the retailers’ pre-ordering the console without any explanation and the depletion of the units offered in a short time did not please the game lovers who wanted to be one of the first buyers of PlayStation 5. Well, are there really players behind this intense interest?

PlayStation 5 crashed on the black market before it was available for sale

According to a report shared by Kotaku, the main reason why the PlayStation 5s offered for pre-order in retail stores are sold out in a short time, is the shopping boots used by opportunists. These boots, which can order over and over again until a real person finds the product they want and adds them to the shopping cart, causes the stock to run out in a short time and the product to fall on the black market.

$ 25K PS5 posting on eBay

In a news we shared with you recently, we mentioned that the PlayStation 5 fell into the black market on eBay and received prices close to $ 25,000. According to the information shared by Kotaku, most of these PlayStation 5s belong to opportunists who have quickly pre-ordered PS5 multiple times with shopping bots.

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According to Kotaku’s report, shopping bots have become even more popular with the increase in online shopping, especially due to the coronavirus. Sony will also be aware of this situation that it has created its own pre-order system for PlayStation 5, independent of retailers. Since every PSN user has their own pre-order URL in Sony’s own pre-order system, it is not possible for a bot to log in and order more than one PS5.

RTX 3080 pre-orders for shopping bots also fell victim

Moreover, not only PlayStation 5 pre-orders but also NVIDIA’s new flagship graphics card RTX 3080 were affected by shopping bots. RTX 3080 pre-orders could not be opened due to shopping bots. Because the boots were pre-ordering so quickly that the “Coming Soon” text in the pre-order system directly turned into “Sold Out”.

Pre-order from Xbox to Playstation 5

Unbeknownst to gamers, the PlayStation 5 was pre-ordered and consumed in a short time by shopping bots without being purchased by ‘real’ gamers, Sony’s biggest competitor in the game console market was not ignored by Microsoft, and the Xbox official Twitter account shared a tweet, “Don’t worry, we’ll let you know exactly when pre-orders will start.” he referred to Sony.


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