PlayStation 5 Does Not Support Copying To USB Memory


The next generation game console PlayStation 5, which will take its place on the shelves on November 19, 2020, does not support copying data to a USB memory. At this point, players need to use the cloud storage available to PlayStation Plus subscribers to save their files.

PlayStation 4 users can copy their saved game data to a USB storage device connected to the PS4 system via the ‘Settings’ menu. You can use this saved data copied to a USB memory as a backup or transfer it to another PS4 or PS5 console. However, the same is not true for copying from PS5.

According to the new images shared, PlayStation 5 currently does not support copying saved data to external storage devices. On the other hand, the only option for users to move saved files from one PS5 to another seems to be Sony’s cloud storage system offered with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

PlayStation 5, which will go on sale next week, will not allow recordings to be transferred to USB memory:

Existing PlayStation 4 consoles allow users to copy their data to any external storage device in addition to cloud storage. Thus, if anything happens to their consoles, files saved on USB storage devices or the cloud system can be accessed from another device.

Although cloud storage is definitely more practical and preferred by many users, it also brings some disadvantages. At this point, in order to use cloud storage, it is necessary to have an active network connection to make payments to the PlayStation Plus subscription system and to access cloud records. This is a situation that can annoy the players in possible internet outages.

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