PlayStation 5 disassembled, hardware details seen


PlayStation 5 will be available next month. Although Sony has announced important details about the new generation game console, it continues to provide new information with different shares. The company has now released a video showing the PlayStation 5 taking apart. The video in question also reveals some important details about the new generation game console.

The powerful cooling system of the PlayStation 5 is the first thing in the video. 120 mm of the console. fan draws air from both sides. The shape and airflow of the cooler show that it will function in line with a steam chamber. On the PlayStation 5, liquid metal was preferred as the thermal interface material on the eight-core processor manufactured by AMD.

Thanks to this video, it is seen that it will not be very difficult to add a new SSD to PlayStation 5. Both of the curved white panels are easily dislodged, thus showing the SSD slot in which the PCIe 4.0 based M.2 disk can be easily inserted. Changing the 825 GB internal storage space is not possible because this area is integrated into the main circuit. The white panels can also be removed to clean the dust catchers.

Disassembling the PlayStation 5 also makes it possible to take a closer look at the processor. 16 GB GDDR6 memory and dedicated SSD controller are also among the highlights in the video. The 350W capacity power supply is also integrated into the PlayStation 5’s chassis.

There are still some unknowns about PlayStation 5. For example, the console’s user interface is still not seen. It seems likely that I will go further with my third-party dismantling. However, this video also shows that Sony is focusing on a design that works quiet rather than fast, just like Microsoft.


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