PlayStation 5 crashes on sleep mode, according to gamers


Some PlayStation 5 owners are reporting that the console cannot be put into sleep mode, it crashes when trying to get it. According to other PlayStation 5 owners, crashing problems are also experienced while playing games. While the cause of the errors is unknown, Sony has not yet received any explanation on the subject.

PlayStation 5, the new console of Japan-based technology giant Sony, released yesterday, came up with various problems from the very first day. In fact, in our news that we shared with you hours ago, we said that the PlayStation 5 is facing a software problem. Now users are dealing with a new problem.

According to reports from some players, PlayStation 5 freezes itself while playing games. According to some players, the console crashes on sleep mode and the game cannot be suspended. There is currently no official statement regarding the problems that annoy users.

According to some Reddit users, the main reason for this problem is that the USB ports and LAN cable are full. While some players say that they do not have problems after removing these cables, according to some players, this method does not work. What is even more interesting is that some players had these problems before the first software update, but there was no problem after the update.

As a matter of fact, it is normal to experience such problems on first-party consoles. It is an indication of this that the first owners of both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 reported different problems. However, how agile Sony or Microsoft will act on these problems is currently unknown.

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