PlayStation 5 Concept That Makes You Say ‘If It Was’ (Video)


Days before the introduction of PlayStation 5, a new concept design appeared. The concept, which has a slightly thinner structure than the concept designs we have seen so far, offers two different color options for PlayStation 5.

We’ve seen dozens of concept designs for the possible design of PlayStation 5 so far. In these concept designs, we encountered a thick console. The reason for this was that it was stated that PlayStation 5 would be very powerful hardware and therefore would have a big cooling system physically.

A new PlayStation concept prepared by LetsGoDigital with Concepts Creator reveals a relatively thin console. However, we can say that even this concept design is thick compared to the PS4 ‘case’.

New concept design prepared for PlayStation 5

According to the concept design, PlayStation 5 will have two separate textures that are separated from each other by LED lighting in the form of a diagonal line in the middle. The texture on the top, which has different color options, offers a more rough look, while the matte texture on the bottom will be smooth.

Players had the opportunity to meet the controller, DualSense, which will be released on the PlayStation 5 a while ago. The designer, who does not ignore this situation, has created a console design that matches the colors of DualSense.

It is currently not possible to know how the PlayStation 5 will look. However, the event, which will be held on June 11, will likely reveal the design of the new console. In this way, we will have the opportunity to see which of the concept designs that have emerged to date match more with PlayStation 5’s final design.

New concept design released for PlayStation 5


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