PlayStation 5 is coming today! So, how to watch PS5 promotion?


PlayStation 5 is coming today! So, how to watch PS5 promotion? PlayStation 5 is finally launched today. We will officially enter the new generation today. So, how to watch PS5 promotion? Here are the details.

When we say today or tomorrow, the PlayStation 5 event has arrived. Players are waiting impatiently PlayStation 5, today will be introduced at the event which will be held. So, how will the PS5 promotion be watched? What will be introduced at this event? Here is everything wondered about PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 event will be organized online due to the coronavirus outbreak . PlayStation will be broadcast live via the official YouTube account, PS5 ‘s controller Duals France will be shared new details about it. In addition, the console itself, which we now crack in curiosity, will also be shown at this event.

PlayStation, which will also showcase new generation games, will showcase games such as Gran Turismo, new God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Spider-Man 2, Silent Hill and Resident Evil 8 . In addition to these games, new productions from PlayStation Studios will also be on display.

$ 599 or best prospect by $ 499 next-generation game console PlayStation 5 will be sold from the price. Even the tax, which will drop from 50 percent to 20 percent when the PlayStation 5 is released , seems to be unable to drop this price.

Xbox X Series ‘ skin a click which will have lower hardware PlayStation 5 will go on sale at the end of 2020.


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