PlayStation 5 box appeared! Here are the details


There is not much time left for the console to take its place on the shelves. We had no information about the PlayStation 5 box. The console was sent to some press channels for testing purposes and the box of the console was shown to us in the news shared by GameSpot.

The PlayStation 5 box has a simple design with white color

The design of the Xbox box was also simple, the Xbox box featured the console’s own visual, mainly green and black colors. The PlayStation 5 box contains a predominantly white color, only the cover part of the box is blue.

PlayStation 5 kutusu

On the front of the box we see the console itself and the controller. On the right, there is the PS5 text and logo, while in the upper right corner, there are 8K, 4K 120 and HDR phrases. This means that PS5 supports 4K 120 FPS like Xbox Series X. Of course, these frame rates can be obtained with Ray tracing technology turned off in big budget games.

There is also an X, circle, triangle and square scattered on the surface of the box. On the back of the box is the slogan “Play Like Never Before” and an image of the console in a horizontal position. In the upper right corner, we see the phrase 825 GB. On the lower side, there are 3 different titles. From left to right is as follows; Lightning Fast, Breathtaking Depth, Stunning Games.

What comes out of the box is as follows:

– PS 5

– DualSense Controller

– HDMI Cable

– Power Cable

– Console Stand

– USB Cable

PlayStation 5 will take its place on the shelves 2 days after the Xbox Series X | S, on November 12th.


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