PlayStation 5 advertisement video released!


An ad video was released for PlayStation 5, which was shortly before its release. The commercial video of the Xbox Series X was really different and beautiful. The commercial video emphasizes the visuality, speed and sound of the actors in general.

PlayStation 5 advertisement video

We see a rocket take off in the first seconds of the video, and then a diver diving deep. Later, we witness the man walking through a portal and stepping into the desert. We see the tough fight of a pilot in the storm in the sky. Then we look at a mountaineer at the top of the mountain. The video generally emphasizes speed, exploration, sight and sound.

In addition, what is said in the video is as follows:

Discovery. It’s in our DNA. There is something in each of us. This forces us to know the unknown. We want to see what has never been seen to cross every border. Hearing the unheard of. Feeling things that are not felt at all. There is no limit to where we will go, in what we will discover and achieve. We are all explorers and there are new worlds to explore.

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