PlayStation 4 saves student life after kidnapping in Japan


According to a report published by the NHK News portal in early August, a high school student in Saitama, Japan, was the victim of kidnapping after meeting an older man with whom she had a long-distance relationship. Held in captivity, the young woman’s solution was to use the criminal’s PlayStation 4 to correspond with the police and disclose her location, something that proved efficient and ended up saving the girl’s life.

The case occurred in Tokyo and involved businessman Hiroyasu Goto, 44, who is being investigated for participating in the murder of three other people. The man had convinced the student to travel from Saitama to the city he was in and quickly confiscated his cell phone, trapping it in a tube while tying it with steel cables.

What the kidnapper did not count on was that his PlayStation 4 would become the victim’s main escape, who contacted the local police through the video game’s location and communication services, facilitating the progress of the investigation and the consequent identification of the criminal.

Currently, the police continue to monitor the situation of other disappearances that may involve the participation of the businessman, but at least the young woman from Saitama was able to return safely to her family, aware that technology can still offer much more than entertainment for the family. population.

PlayStation 4 saves Japanese student’s life after kidnapping via Voxel

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