PlayStation 4 games up to 55% off on Amazon


Even with the launch and everyone wanting to buy the Playstation 5, the PS4 has not yet been forgotten and remains a great console. The previous model will receive new games for a long time and in terms of cost-benefit is quite satisfactory.

If you have the sony Playstation 4 and need to renew your game stock, we have prepared a special list with very current, acclaimed options and at a tempting price. Check out.

Horizon Zero Down Complete Edition Hits

In this multi-award winning RPG, the player takes control of Aloy, an adventurer who wants to unravel the mysteries of a world dominated by deadly machines. After being expelled from her tribe, the young hunter will do everything to know her past, her destiny and avoid a catastrophe that threatens everyone’s existence.

God Of War brings Kratos again, but his revenge on the Olympian gods is a thing of the past. Now he lives like an ordinary man in the lands of the Nordic monsters and gods. In this inhospitable world, he will need to fight once again to survive and teach his son to do the same.

Doom Eternal

The frantic gameplay of the DOOM franchise is present in this new game in the series. The armies of hell have invaded the earth again and you must take control of the destroyer of this horde in an epic single player campaign, defeating demons between different dimensions. For you who like multiplayer, the 2 on 1 mode is quite a challenge for experienced players.

Death Stranding

In this game, the player takes control of Sam Bridges who must traverse a devastated scenario full of threats from another world to prevent humanity from being on the verge of extinction. Legendary game creator Hideo Kojima brought a completely new experience to PlayStation4 that brings a new vision to the open world genre.


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