PlayStation 4 discounts started: Days of Play 2020


Following the events organized for PlayStation 4 campaigns, the players were once again delighted with the good news of Days of Play 2020. Worrying with a global PSN error recently, PlayStation excited this time around.

Campaigns prepared for both Europe and North America draw attention with their differences. In this context, it should be noted that prices vary both by regions and by products.

PlayStation 4 campaigns started: Days of Play 2020
Focusing on games, console accessories and subscription fees, Sony provided information on related campaigns. According to the information provided by the Japanese tech giant, the starting date of these discounts is June 3, 2020.

Days of Play 2020, which will continue until June 17, 2020, also concerns PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus users. It was announced that these dates are valid for North American users. In addition, Sony has not forgotten users of PlayStation Gear Store with PlayStation VR.

If you are a PlayStation Gear Store user, you can use the DAYSOFPLAY20 code. This code, available for promotion, will give you a 20 percent discount. Unfortunately, this promotion cannot be combined with other discounts.

The discount list published for the USA and Canada is as follows:

Gold Wireless Headphones – $ 69.99 / $ 79.99 Canadian
Platinum Wireless Headphones – $ 129.99 / $ 159.99 Canadian

Nioh 2, MLB The Show 20 – $ 39.99 / $ 49.99 Canadian
Predator: Hunting Grounds, Death Stranding, Dreams – $ 29.99 / $ 39.99 Canadian
Days Gone, MediEvil, Blood & Truth – $ 19.99 / $ 29.99 Canadian
Everybody’s Golf VR – $ 14.99 USD / $ 19.99 / $ 29.99 Canadian
Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Farpoint – $ 9.99 USD / $ 14.99 Canadian
The Last of Us Remastered, PlayStation Hits games – Starting at $ 9.99 American and Canadian

12-month PlayStation Plus membership – 30 percent discount
12-month PlayStation Now membership – 30 percent discount
3-month PlayStation Now membership – 20 percent discount

Sony, which has not neglected Europe, has also published the list that people living on this continent are eagerly waiting for. This list is slightly different from the list released for North America. Because the start date and the end date of the campaign to be implemented for Europe are different: May 25, 2020 – June 8, 2020.

PlayStation VR packages | Days of Play 2020
PS VR Starter Pack – 199.99 euro
PS VR Mega Pack – 229.99 euro

Nioh 2 – 49.99 euro
Death Stranding – 29.99 euro
Days Gone – 19.99 euro
PlayStation Hits games worth 14.99 euro: The Last of Us Remastered, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and more…

30 percent discount for 12 Month PlayStation Plus subscription
30 percent discount for 12-month PlayStation Now subscription


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