Players Started SpeedRun Trials at DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal_20200321212326

DOOM Eternal is launched for those looking for a fast action game. Players have already started SpeedRun trials on the new game of the DOOM series, and some players have managed to finish Eternal in under 90 minutes.

DOOM Eternal, the new game from the DOOM series, was released last week. With the arrival of DOOM Eternal, SpeedRun trials have also started in the game that offers high-paced and uninterrupted action. Players named BloodThunder and CreeperHntr managed to finish the game in under 90 minutes.

Of course, these trials are exploratory studies to test the game’s gaps and new strategies. Players will soon start to lower the figures by demonstrating their FPS skills in the Nightmare difficulty mode.

While BloodThunder completed the game at 1:28:25, CreeperHntr lowered this record by 1:26:16. In addition to quickly destroying enemies in DOOM Eternal, YouTubers are trying ways to advance without getting stuck on enemies by searching for deficits on the map with their high bounce and forward thrust features.

Both players avoid high difficulty levels at the DOOM Eternal and start at the lowest difficulty. As we said, these are yet exploration tours and players can overcome them with tactics in which they find more difficult levels in the future.

SpeedRun video of CreeperHntr (1:26:16):

BloodThunder’s SpeedRun video (1:28:25):


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