Players should be careful with the death rewind feature of The Quarry


The Quarry has introduced new and interesting mechanics for players who want the characters to live without having to restart the entire game. This is called the “death rewind” mechanic, and it is unlocked after completing the game. After the game is completed, players can choose different chapters of The Quarry to replay. If a character dies, there will be an opportunity to return to the decision that killed him, to give players the opportunity to make a different choice.

However, this rewind feature has disappointed some players, as some deaths occur due to decisions made in later chapters. To make matters worse, there is no fast-forward button in The Quarry. However, there is one particular death that really caused the players the most grief. Some even called it a game-breaking bug.

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Rewind to avoid

Rewind players should be careful in the last chapter. There is a part in this chapter where the players take on the role of Caitlin. She avoids the werewolf in the cabin and can hide in the kitchen with Dylan. If so, she has the option to either hide in the freezer or use bait. If you choose to hide in the freezer, Caitlin will fall into a trap and die.

However, if the game has been completed, players will be able to rewind it. The transition to the choice between the semolina and the freezer is expected. However, instead, players return to the first chapter in the role of Abigail before her choice to take a stuffed rabbit from the hut or not. This is because the rabbit will later be used as bait in Chapter 10. The reason fans called it a mistake is because the players will go back to the first chapter even if they picked up a rabbit.

This means that players will have to go through the whole game again. The chapter selection function will also disappear. Because of this huge leap, it is better for players to simply restart Chapter 10 while selecting a chapter after the game, rather than using the rewind function. Thus, players will have to repeat only half of the chapter, and not almost the entire game.

Learn more about the rewind function

The rewind function can be used three times per pass. While rewinding in Caitlin’s freezer is an absolute mess, other rewinds are more merciful and are known to be error-free. Despite this, this feature has caused a mixed opinion among players. A survey was conducted on Reddit on whether Dark Pictures should implement the rewind feature in future games. 179 people voted for, 194 said against, and 210 found it difficult to answer.

In response to “yes”, players mention the joy of having more control. It’s good to be able to rewind, and players who don’t like it can avoid it. Many also like that the rewind function is not available until the game is completed, so the first playthrough will force players to deal with the consequences of their choice.

Players who don’t like the rewind feature in The Quarry say that it devalues the basic idea of the game that actions have consequences. Actively encouraging players to repeat their choices instead of seeing what happens next may seem beyond the basic meaning of the game. After all, this is a horror game, and it becomes much less frightening and exciting when the player can simply undo death with the click of a button.

In any case, the rewind function turned out to be far from ideal when used by some players. The way the rewind function can disable chapter selection, and her annoying mistake with Caitlin spoiled the impression of some. The best thing to do with this feature is to be very careful, as some rewinds go back a long distance.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.