PUBG entered the fashion of April 1 pranks and launched an exclusive game to celebrate the date: PLAYEROMNOM’S BATTLEGROUNDS (POBG). It was originally released for arcades in the 1990s, but due to a number of problems, it was eventually removed. Now, he will be back inside PUBG and will be available between April 1st and 12th on the PC, and between April 8th and 12th on the consoles.

POBG is a top-down shooter whose objective is to defeat an army of heavily armed chickens that try to dominate everything they see ahead. With a pleasant look and a strong comedy tone, the game gave birth to the first versions of what would become the maps of Erangel, Karakin and Sanhok, in addition to inspiring the creation of PUBG.

According to Herman Havoc, PUBG development leader, “The original POBG had a problem before it was released on arcades across the United States. “An undiscovered defect in motherboard manufacturing led to a series of fires and power outages across the country, but that happened in the 1990s. No one was hurt, but we still needed to recover and destroy all known POBG cabinets . But the game was too good to keep it still, so we figured out how to make it work on modern, ready-made hardware, now you can play it in PUBG. One game within another. ”

PUBG fans will also win exclusive items during the period. The game closed a partnership with the KFC network for a series of activities with the distribution of prizes, through various influencers.


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