Player Ratings: Manchester United Under-21 — Monaco Under-21 0:2


Last night at Old Trafford, the Manchester United youth team hosted Monaco with a score of 0:2 in the International Premier League Cup. Here are our player ratings for this match:

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(score 6 corresponds to the average)

Ondrej Mastny – 6.5 – A decent goalkeeper’s game with a number of saves and always calm possession of the ball could do little for Monaco’s two goals.

Mark Jurado – 5.5 – had a good first half, but after the introduction of the Kambwala he found himself between the positions and as a result offered little in any direction.

Rhys Bennett – 7 – Solid in defense, he made several key interventions to disrupt Monaco’s attacks, and, as a rule, just didn’t miss anything.

Teden Mengi – 5.5 – Left too much space for the Monaco strikers in the penalty area and played defense too slowly.

Bjorn Hardley (5) had a hard time with the Monaco right winger, who liked to dribble at pace and ran behind. Monaco was the first to get on his side.

Charlie Savage – 6 – had good possession of the ball in the center of the field and was calm under pressure, but it seems he did not want to demonstrate his transmission range when he had the opportunity to stretch the game, preferring to always play short.

Cobby Mainu – 7 is an outstanding player, his strength and ability to contain challenges created many gaps in the midfield and led to a number of fouls. Unfortunately, there were few threats in front of him to take advantage of his good game.

Omari Forson — 5.5 — Not a bad game in a bunch, but he let himself down in the last third, missing a few big moments at the end of counterattacks.

Isak Hansen-Aaroen — 6.5 — showed a lot of talent in handling the ball with quick short passes from under pressure and clever dribbling, he was unlucky that he was not rewarded with an effective pass for his good game.

Noam Emeran — 6 — made some exciting dribbles early on and made some smart putts, but ultimately couldn’t create the final product other than to give Forson a big chance.

Charlie McNeil – 5.5 – It looks like he used up all his good finishing in the warm-up when he sent at least one shot straight into the corner. But when it counted during the match, he missed his chances. Cut an isolated figure from the top and he just doesn’t have the presence to effectively manage the role, but he had decent moments when he went deep or wide.


Willy Kambwala — 5 — looked uncertain with the ball and generally seemed confused by the positional position if he was to act as a right back or right central defender.

Tom Huddlestone — 6.5 — didn’t make a wrong pass even under pressure and made some graceful passes across the field.

Maxi Oyedele — inapplicable — not long enough to make an impact.


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