Player ratings: Chelsea u21s 3-3 Manchester United u21s


The Manchester United Under-21 youth squad continued their winless campaign in the league, playing another draw, because thanks to heroic actions in the last minutes, the team scored a point, and Chelsea — 3:3. Here are our player ratings for this match:

(score 6 corresponds to the average)

Radek Vitek – 6 – Made several standard saves and could do little for missed goals.

Mark Jurado – 5.5 – had a hard time defensively, especially with overhangs at the back post, which led to Chelsea’s first goal. In attack, he did not really move forward until the last minutes, when he gave an assist, equalizing the score.

Tyler Fredrickson– 6.5– Played at the forefront with several good interceptions in a strong first half. He had a tougher second half when he eventually couldn’t handle the barrage of overhangs.

Rhys Bennett – 5.5 – staggered with the ball at the beginning of the match due to Chelsea’s pressure, which caused panic, but in the first half he got used to playing with a solid old temper in defense. But Chelsea’s relentless attacks in the second season led to the fact that he could not keep up with the pace and movement.

Bjorn Hardley – 6 – Strong first half, gave nothing away defensively and supported well in attack. Chelsea’s move to the back three allowed them to overload their right flank, which is why he suffered a lot.

Charlie Savage — 6 — Like most of the team members, he played the first half of the game better than the second: he moved forward and gave sharp passes, but could not keep the ball in the second half.

Toby Collier – 7 – A very solid match in the center of midfield, he handled the game very well with several ball selections and continued to own the ball. Maybe at times he could have been a little more expansive in his passing to open the game.

Omari Forson – 5.5 – He had a few moments of difficult pass play, but he did not interfere enough, since most of United’s best game came on the opposite side.

Cobby Mainu – 9 – Phenomenal performance in the first half before being sent off for an unknown reason. He drifted and controlled the left channel with great effect, often finding himself behind, and his control and strength in the penalty area opened up space and created the opening goal.

Isak Hansen-Aaroen – 7.5 – Really well scored goal, and his exchange with Mainu was excellent in the first half, and in the second he missed this opportunity very much. He still held a lot of good positions, but from time to time he just didn’t have enough speed to run freely.

Shola Shoretir – 7 – worked in the ninth position in the first half and looked completely out of place. Dropped to the 10th role in the second half and saw a little more involvement, but without much effect until compensated time when he came alive to jump into the penalty area and score twice to save a point.

Charlie McNeil – 6 – spent the first 10 minutes briskly, scoring offside and creating a couple more chances, but after a strong blow threw him into the stands, he struggled to get back on the field.

Tom Huddlestone – 6 – used his imperious height to win back the ball several times, but was unable to seize control of Chelsea in midfield.

Sam Murray — 5.5 is an almost impossible task, opposing the strength of Chelsea’s right flank in the second half, and, as expected, a few seconds after entering the field, Chelsea scored their third goal.


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