Player monitor ASUS ROG Swift PG329Q introduced!


As the growing interest in the video game industry grew, the variety of equipment produced for players began to increase. No matter how powerful the parts inside the computer are, there is no importance if there is no monitor to make it feel. For this reason, the high refresh rate monitors produced for gamers have become very popular. In this context, ASUS ROG Swift PG329Q for gamers was introduced.

According to ASUS, a good color accuracy is targeted as well as a high refresh rate on the monitor.

ASUS ROG Swift PG329Q for gamers introduced

Introducing the new player monitor ROG Swift PG329Q at the Asian ROG event, Asus claimed it was one of the best in the segment of the monitor. The monitor, which can offer a refresh rate of 175 Hz, has a resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels. The 31.5-inch monitor captures the fine line between color accuracy and smoothness, according to ASUS.

With the development of panel technology, IPS panels started to be used in player monitors. The introduced ASUS ROG Swift PG329Q is one of them. The monitor that comes with the IPS panel also supports DisplayHDR 600. The monitor, which can reach 600 nits at maximum brightness, also supports 98 percent DCI-P3 and 160 percent sRGB color gamuts. In addition, the monitor has 10-bit color support.

ROG Swift PG329Q has 175 Hz refresh rate and 2K resolution as well as 1 ms response time. While delay time is specified from gray to gray, ASUS ELMB technology that prevents blur is also available on the monitor.

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The ROG emblem on the back of the monitor has RGB lighting. This lighting can be controlled via Aura Sync. The date and price of the monitor, which can also offer VESA support, is not yet clear.


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