Player gives hint to show battery level on the Switch


The Nintendo Switch was released in most parts of the world on March 3, 2017, that is, almost four years ago. Despite all this time, players continue to discover new features on the platform to this day. The most recent is a trick to show the battery percentage.

The most traditional way to check whether the console is loaded or not is to access the settings and activate the percentage display. But what if the player turns off the option? Simple, the “antglyforreal” user gave a valuable tip about it on Reddit this Monday (15th).

If the player leaves the option to show the percentage off, just press the “ZL” and “ZR” triggers on the Switch’s home screen. With these commands, the charge level will appear just above the graphic representation of the battery.

The tip was published in the “Nintendo Switch” subreddit and despite the success of the post, the reactions were mixed. “I’m surprised that people didn’t know that,” said a redditor. “I would like to thank you for sharing this information. Holding the ‘home’ button to see the percentage (of the battery) is now a thing of the past, ”said another user.

Did you know about this trick? Do you leave the battery information on or off? Tell us in the comments below!


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