Player Finds Amazing Detail in Spider-Man PS5 Remaster


We have heard an example of the awesomeness of ray tracing applied in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered that the PS5 exploits to the maximum.

The PS5 brought with it Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered just under a week ago, and players are already enjoying the impressive new details that distinguish the title from its version for the PS4.

In Somagnews we had already reported the trailers and screenshots that Insomniac Games released in the months prior to the release of the remaster. In the images we saw a more realistic Peter Parker and even more like Tom Holland.

Now, a player shared their findings regarding the ray tracing effects used in the game, which allow you to see some details and reflections in objects that Spidey interacts with like never before.

Via Reddit, GGtrollster shared a screenshot showing the street lights reflecting off the chandelier on the back of his torso in Peter’s costume.

This could be a minor detail, but it is an example of the improvements that the game has integrated into this remastering that make this title completely worth reliving for lovers of the spider hero.

A great Sony remastering

It is certainly impressive to see the amount of detail included in this version of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game was a huge hit for Sony and developer Insomniac Games, so it’s not too surprising to see Marvel’s Spider-Man getting this kind of treatment.

In addition to the ray tracing effects, there are a number of other changes, including an Easter egg featuring the “people on the ship,” a new look for Peter Parker, and more.

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The remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man is available as part of the Ultimate Edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which retails for $ 69.99. Sony has not announced whether the game will eventually be released separately.

Those who bought Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 will still be able to play the PS4 version on PS5 hardware, but it won’t feature graphical enhancements like the ray tracing seen above.


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