Player Buys PlayStation 5 And Receives Bag Of Rice


PlayStation 5: A European gamer apparently had his end of the year ruined by buying a PlayStation 5 online. After the purchase procedure, upon receiving the delivery and opening the box, the boy came across… a bag of rice.

The case took place in London, UK, and was shared on Reddit, where user u/Jouislones explained what happened. According to the report, upon realizing that Amazon’s PS5 stock had been replenished, he saw the opportunity to finally get his hands on Sony’s new console and made the purchase.

According to Jouislones, the product was sold by Amazon itself costing £450 (around R$ 3,400 in direct conversion), and not by one of the stores that use the marketplace.

Ordered a ps5 from Amazon, safe to say my Christmas has been ruined from playstation

“The box looked suspicious and the black Amazon tape was kind of loose and clearly had duct tape underneath, something I’ve never seen on an Amazon delivery before,” he explained in the post. He also claims that there is no possibility of receiving a new PS5 because the company has no more units in stock. “They didn’t offer me credit either,” the player complained.

Jokingly, one user commented that, looking on the bright side, “there won’t be any lack of rice at Christmas dinner.” But, according to Jouislones, this will not be the case. “Amazon is making me return the rice to get my refund,” he explained.

Because of the pandemic, the entire electronics market has suffered from a lack of essential components for the manufacture of various products. This has directly affected the video game industry, with consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X being extremely hard to stock at reputable retailers and at official prices.