Playdead shows two artworks from their new game


The creators of Limbo and Inside are moving to three dimensions with a new sci-fi adventure set in a dark open world.

In his day, Arnt Jensen, the founder of Playdead, the studio behind Limbo and Inside, dropped that he was “tired of the limitations of 2D games” and said that his dream was to make “a third person game” with zones and levels “more open and much higher” than those of their predecessors. Well, it seems that in the end his next project will go along these lines. A job posting on the company’s website is looking for a technical director for “a sci-fi, open-world, third-person adventure that will be released on multiple platforms using the Unreal Engine and published by Epic Games.” And as if they were few news, it is accompanied by two new artworks on the title:

Playdead’s most ambitious game

So far the only thing we knew about the project, which remains unnamed, is about the agreement between Playdead and Epic Games. The Danish developer will retain 100% of its intellectual property rights, but it will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC and the profits will be shared 50%, at least “until the costs of its development are recovered.” This financial support has allowed the studio to grow to 50 employees and avoid any kind of crunch, which explains the long periods of time between their games (remember that Limbo is from 2010 and Inside from 2016). Regarding the latter, another of the job offers on the web said the following: “At Playdead we are a creative team of 50 professionals. Our approach to development does not include the usual deadlines and their respective crunch. Instead, we look for people who enjoy organizing your own agenda and collaborating in a friendly environment. ” Hopefully this is the year we get to know the most about work, which has the difficult task of keeping up with its predecessors, winners of various BAFTAs and statuettes at The Game Awards.


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