Playdate: Portable Console Has Already Sold All 2021 Inventory


Playdate: Those who follow the news must have seen that we published here on Voxel, in June, material referring to Playdate, a portable console from the company Panic that brings a very nostalgic look, with a side crank for fun in matches. And, apparently, it seems that the public bought the idea, considering that all units manufactured for 2021 have already been sold.

According to the information disclosed, the initial inventory of 20 thousand units was sold in about 20 minutes, and now it is only possible to make reservations for the units that will only be shipped in 2022 (on a date to be announced later).

In case you’re interested, the console sells for $180 (without fees or taxes, about R$941), while protection for it costs $30 (about R$157). If you buy the two together, the price drops to US$200 (R$1,046), with a discount of US$10 (something around R$52) in total. The idea is that it will also have other accessories, which will be available in the future, on a date to be announced by the production team – and you can learn a little more about the platform by clicking here.


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