Playdate: Panic’s Portable Console To Be Released In July


Playdate: Next July, Panic, an American game developer, will start pre-ordering its portable console, which has a very nostalgic look. This is Playdate, which in addition to the side crank, comes with 24 free games in its “1st season”.

Even without disclosing an exact day for the launch of the product, Panic has already stipulated that the initial investment will be US$ 179 (something around R$ 903). However, there is still not very detailed information if the console can be delivered in Brazil or in countries other than the United States.

According to the company, the launch of Playdate could revolutionize the video game market today, mainly because of the experience that the portable console provides to its users. About this, the developer will also act in the creation of new games, which should be launched directly on the retro platform.

Also, the crank located on the side can be used as a specific control to move characters within each title offered. With this little news, the most nostalgic audience will certainly remember past experiences with their first video games.

Discover the games that will be offered for the portable console

Those who make the purchase right at the pre-sale will have the privilege of checking out the first games on the platform, possibly still in July.

However, in order for the general public to be able to enjoy the titles in their entirety, the so-called 1st season of releases will extend for a few weeks, distributing two games at a time. Even without providing great details about the productions, you can know the names of some of them below:

Battleship Godios
Boogie Loops
Casual Birder
Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure
DemonQuest 85
Echoic Memory
Executive Golf DX
Flipper Lifter
Forrest Byrnes: Up in Smoke
Hyper Meteor
Lost Your Marbles
Pick Pack Pup
Questy Chess
Saturday Edition
Whitewater Wipeout


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