Playdate Launches Website For Anyone To Create Browser Games


Playdate, the small handheld video game with a crank, has just released a creativity tool that can prove to be fun even for those who don’t intend to buy the console. Pulp is a new site that lets you create simple games for your laptop, with tools made to be accessible to anyone.

The site doesn’t allow you to create very complex games, and Playdate is made for simple games anyway. In Pulp you will find tools to make games based on different rooms in an easy way. Despite the accessibility, the site has several resources for those who want to go deeper and even allows the creation of their own fonts for the text of the game.

And for people who understand programming, you can go even further. Pulp supports code by PulpScript, which you can find in the menu of the site.

Of course, for those who intend to have a Playdate, the site becomes even more interesting, because you will be able to export the games to play on the console later. The real difficulty will be getting one of these laptops.

The video game has already been delayed to this year after its creators encountered battery problems, and even then not everyone will receive their unit in 2022. , as new units become available.