How to Play Xbox Games on Computer?


We explain step by step the answer to the question of how to play Xbox games on the computer. With Xbox Play Anywhere feature, you can play your console games on the computer very easily.

Thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox games can also be played on PC. If you have a computer with Windows 10, you don’t have to have an Xbox. Since the games are made for both platforms, there is online synchronization. So whether you play on PC or Xbox, you have no problem. You can access the games on the Microsoft Store.

There are two different ways to play Xbox games on the computer. First of all, if you want, you can transfer the image of your Xbox console to the computer. The second method is that you can use the Xbox Play Anywhere program we mentioned above. The first method is relatively easy; all you have to do is transfer the image to the computer with the transfer cable. In this content, we will describe the 2nd method.

How to play Xbox games on the computer?
Sign in with the same account on Xbox and Windows 10,
Download the game with the Xbox Play Anywhere icon you want to play,
Connect the Xbox controller to the computer,
Find and run the game on the Xbox app,
The process is complete, you can now play the game as you wish.

You can only play Xbox Play Anywhere games on the computer. On the profile page of the games and in the store before buying, it says whether this feature is available. Therefore, if you want to play with both PC and Xbox, be sure to pay attention to this. Because other games are not played on the computer. If everything is ok details the steps

Sign in to Windows 10 with your Xbox account:
First thing you have to do is make sure that your Xbox account and Windows 10 account are the same. This is necessary at the very beginning to both play games and synchronize. Because the progress you’ve made in online games is not saved for either platform otherwise. After logging in with the same account, it is time for games.

Download or buy the Xbox Play Anywhere game:
You can buy Xbox Play Anywhere games on Xbox Store or Microsoft Store. You can see the games you previously purchased in Microsoft Store or on the Xbox app on your computer. To purchase a new game, you need to enter the Microsoft Store first. You can then purchase and download games with the Xbox Play Anywhere icon.

Connect the Xbox controller to the computer:
After connecting the controller to the computer, your computer will automatically detect it. You can change the controller settings via the Xbox Controller Assistant. In cases where it is not detected automatically, you should make sure that all updates of your computer and Xbox are made. Second, you can use the Scan for Hardware Changes option in Device Manager.

You are ready to play Xbox games:
After you have connected the controller to the computer, you are now ready to play the games. All you have to do is find and run the game you downloaded from the Xbox app on your computer or through the Microsoft Store. You can use the controller on the computer, just as you would on an Xbox console. You can change the controller settings before entering the games.

Don’t worry if the games don’t open even if you follow the steps above or if you can’t see them in the library. Your computer or Xbox console is probably out of date. Both must have the latest updates to ensure the connection and proper functioning between the two platforms. So don’t forget to check for updates before entering the games.

What is Xbox Play Anywhere?
Xbox Play Anywhere is a system that allows you to play Xbox games on your computer or console. As the name suggests, it allows you to play Xbox games wherever you want. While playing the games included in this system, progress is recorded on Xbox Live. Therefore, both your PC and Xbox account must be the same.

Is Xbox Play Anywhere paid?
Some users have a false knowledge that this system brings additional costs. Xbox Play Anywhere is a free service. In fact, it can even be called a completely icon. You can also play games with the icon of this service on your computer after a single purchase. There is no extra fee before or after.

What’s the difference between Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere?
Xbox Game Pass is a system that allows you to play popular and quality games such as GTA V on a computer or console for a certain subscription fee. On the other hand, Xbox Play Anywhere allows you to play games that have no subscription fee, only with this icon, either on the computer or on the console. These are the reasons why Xbox Game Pass games are different from each other.

You can follow the simple steps we explained above to play the Xbox games you bought on the computer. Xbox Play Anywhere games have a special icon in the store or on the game profile page.


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