Play Store is the Second Store with the Most Malicious Applications Installed


In 2019, the list of app stores with the most malicious apps was published. Play Store, the application store used by Google for Android, ranked second in the list. The top of the list is, the free game store.

RiskIQ has recently released a mobile threat report. The report published by RiskIQ also shows which application store has more malicious applications.

According to the report published by RiskIQ, the most malicious apps and games were uploaded to, a game-oriented store in 2019. Just behind 9Game is the official app store of Android, Play Store. Google has been working for a long time to remove malicious apps and games. 9Game is pretty bad. Despite this, there are 25,647 malicious apps and games installed on the Play Store in 2019, and 61,669 malicious apps and games have been installed on 9Game.

Application stores with the most malicious software
In addition to nearly 25,000 malicious apps and game downloads, Google ranked fourth in the list of the most productive app stores in 2019 with around 714,678 apps.-


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