Play Store: Google Will Show Data That Apps Collect From Users


Play Store: Google announced on Thursday (6) that it should implement a new section of information in the application profiles available on the Play Store. According to the company, all Android apps will have a security section, which will help users understand what data will be collected, shared and other details that may affect their privacy.

With the change, Android developers should share information about what data is collected from users, such as location, contacts, photos, among others. It will also be mandatory to explain how the data will be used by the platform.

“This could be a big change, so we’re sharing the news in advance and building it in the best way alongside the developers,” says Suzanne Frey, Head of Product for Security and Privacy at Android. According to her, programmers who do not send the requested information may have their apps removed from the platform. “If we find that a developer has misrepresented the data he has provided and is violating the policy, we will demand that he fix the problem as soon as possible,” she explains. The rules will take effect in the second quarter of 2022.

In the section, users will be able to know if the application has data encryption, follows Google policies; if the data is needed to function correctly and the user is allowed to delete all the data collected after uninstalling the program from the cell phone. The company currently provides some materials to help developers create more secure applications, following good privacy practices.


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