Play Store gains new look for managing installed apps


Over the years, Google has been concerned with modernizing the Play Store, giving it a clean, practical and functional look. Competition with Apple’s App Store is a good reason for this “zeal” with the Android mobile app store. Now, once again, the app will gain a new look and advanced features for managing applications.

The new design of the Play Store goes beyond rearranging buttons and shortcuts. This time, the Android store will be able to display information on how much space the installed apps are using from the device’s storage.

This information will be in the “Overview” tab, along with the available updates and analyzes that the user has already published.

In the “Manage” tab, the user can see the list of applications, with filter buttons, where he can switch between the apps currently installed on the device and a history with all the apps he has already installed on previous devices, as long as he has logged in with the same Google account. You can still view only apps that have pending updates or games.

Also in the “Manage” tab, if the user selects one or more apps, information such as the total space they occupy in the internal memory will be displayed, as well as some available actions, such as updating, uninstalling, sharing and “rating” (in the case of only one app has been selected).

Regarding the application sharing feature, it seems that, initially, this will only be possible with devices that are close by.

The possibility of sharing apps was a feature long awaited by Android users, and, finally, it is available soon. The feature is especially useful due to the number of apps with very similar names and icons, available in the store.

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It is not yet known when the new Play Store will be launched for the general public.


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