Play Store erases Robinhood’s negative reviews


Google is deleting low-rated comments and reviews on the Robinhood finance and investment app page. In all, more than 100 thousand evaluations were deleted by the company on the service page in the Android digital store.

Before the company’s action, the app went from about four stars to one star in reviews. Most of the comments were criticisms about the operation and some policies of the platform – that is, without necessarily criticizing Google directly, but rather actions taken by the person responsible for the trading service.

What happened?

The reason for the community’s fury is Robinhood’s decision to suspend the purchase and sale of shares in the physical game store GameStop and other companies that had their shares manipulated by a group of Reddit users.

This movement has caused in the past few days a controversy in the financial market over disputes involving Wall Street giants against groups of smaller investors, but which are also capable of causing major changes in the Stock Exchange.

In response to the Gizmodo website, Google said it took action to prevent “coordinated and inorganic reviews”.


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