Play Store Changes Way To Display Android App Reviews


Play Store: Google announced this Monday (23) two changes in the display of critical analysis that the community can leave in Play Store apps. The goal is to make the compliments or curses you read before deciding whether or not to download a program to be the result of an experience very similar to what you would have had.

Starting in November this year, Android users’ ratings will be filtered specifically for the same region as who accessed the page — that is, you’ll see notes and texts from Brazilians.

In early 2021, still without a defined date, another filter will be added: the user will only see analytics of those who used the app on a similar device, be it a smartphone, tablet, smart watch, laptop with Chrome OS or automotive system.

help the devs

At the same time, the center that contains the performance reports of downloads and reviews of an app will be improved to gain even more accurate data, based on the new Play Store filters.

This can help developers focus on the desktop version if the rating is too low on these devices, for example, or know exactly from what period downloads dropped in intensity. Even downloading these CSV reports for analysis in other programs will be easier, according to Google.


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