Play Resident Evil Direct: Village game


Resident Evil Village, the franchise’s new title, will have its first gameplay revealed at an online event. It will take place on January 21 from 19h to 20h in Brasília time. According to Capcom, the event will take a tour of the new game and more news to be revealed.

The next game in the Resident Evil franchise is one of the most anticipated games for 2021. Still without a set date, which should be revealed at the event, the title will be the first for the current generation of consoles: PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.

Resident Evil Village will again bring the protagonist of the seventh chapter of the franchise: Ethan Winters. Living peacefully with his wife Mia in a new place, free from the problems of the past, until a new tragedy strikes them. Chris Redfield, the legendary hero of the Resident Evil series who made a brief appearance in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, reunites the couple and dramatically changes their lives, leaving Ethan groundless and in the midst of a new nightmare. ”

Is that you? Looking forward to the game?


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