Play Historia: 50 video game books on sale


The popularizer and podcaster Marc Rollán “El Funs” presents his new book on the titles that have most marked the development of video game history.

The new video game book Play History: The 50 video games that changed the world is now on sale in specialized bookstores and online stores throughout Spain. Thus, Marc Rollán “El Funs”, by the renowned popularizer of video game history, podcaster and editor of media such as 3D Juegos and Games Tribune, compiles in a single volume the fifty titles that have most marked the development of history of the video game.

New book on the video game industry

In 2019 we echoed what Marc Rollán intended to offer to the public specializing in video games with his new work Play Historia: The 50 video games that changed the world: “It will not be a compilation of anecdotes without more,” says the author, it aims to be “a journey through the concerns of the main developers in history”, because video games are made by people. Space War! By Steve Russell, Pac-Man, Minecraft or Pokémon GO are just some of the selected titles.

And it is that with his new book, Marc Rollán analyzes the historical context and his influence on subsequent generations of a selection of 50 key video games to understand the medium. “Therefore, we have the honor to publish the definitive video game history book in the Star-t Magazine Books collection that best fits the vision and style of the writer,” they comment from the editorial.

Play History: The 50 video games that changed the world is now available in the main specialized bookstores and online stores; Star-t Magazine Books will announce all the physical and online points of sale to acquire Marc Rollán’s new book “El Funs” during the next days and weeks.

Marc Rollán is one of the most veteran podcasters on the Spanish scene, driving and collaborating in award-winning spaces such as Game Over, You have not had a childhood, Busy Gamers or El Octavo Pasajero, where he has always expressed his passion for video games and especially for his story.


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