How to play Free Fire with friends on mobile


Free Fire is a Battle Royale by Garena available for free download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS). The online game allows players to play games with their friends. Currently, there are two ways to play with acquaintances: duo or squad. In the duo it is possible to invite one more member to act as a pair. In the squad, three more friends are allowed to complete a team of four players. It is possible to play matches in classic or ranked mode, against squad (or cs mode), bomb squad and also on the training island. See below the step by step how to play duo and squad with friends on Free Fire.

How to play duo with friend on Free Fire
The tutorial was run on iOS by iPhone 7 Plus, but the procedure is similar on Android devices.

Step 1. In the Free Fire looby, initially choose the mode you want to play with friends at the top;

Step 2. Right after, click on the character icon beside and select the option “Duo”;

Step 3. In the list of friends in the game, click “+” to invite the member to the team. It is worth mentioning that to play with friends it is necessary that the player is online and accepts the invitation in the game.

How to play squad with friends on Free Fire
Step 1. On the Free Fire home screen, choose the mode you want to play with friends;

Step 2. Then, click on the character icon and check the option “Squad”;

Step 3. Invite the friends you want to play in squad by clicking “+” in the list of friends.


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