Play-Asia celebrates its anniversary with free air shipping


Wide variety of products available from video games to movies and merchandising. Since the legendary Lik-Sang closed due to a lawsuit filed by Sony, Play-Asia has established itself as one of the most popular options to continue accessing games and other imported products, both Japanese and Asian. At this time, the company based in Hong Kong celebrates its birth, 18 years ago, which usually takes the opportunity to present special promotions like the one at hand: until November 16 we can place air orders for free in a wide range of products , saving us money in a faster form of transport than the cheapest and slowest available.

Free air shipping

The range of products available in the online store is wide, in addition the store has specialized in recent years in offering limited physical editions of some independent games that under normal conditions would have remained digital, in agreement with the eastasiasoft company, to which we owe the physical edition of Maldita Castilla Ex by Locomalito and gryzor 98 -already sold out-. But there are numerous limited editions of very interesting games to add to our collection.

The page also sells Asian versions of games that are normally only found in Japan, such as the last Super Robot Wars, one of the few sagas that has not reached the West more than on rare occasions. The Asian versions offer the advantage that, in some cases, they have English translations (sometimes rudimentary, but something is something compared to playing in Japanese). And of course there are also numerous special editions, some at stratospheric prices such as the limited version of the M2 conversion for PS4 from ESP.RA.DE, one of Cave’s great jewels, for just over € 230.

The page also offers a wide selection of products, figures, films in Asian or Japanese editions, books, manga and many products desirable for lovers of Japanese and Asian. This promotion can be a good way to discover the store and be encouraged to place an order.


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