Play as the T-800 in Terminator Infiltrator mode


The Steam version of the latest video game based on such a popular film saga receives a new free update for the most nostalgic.

Terminator Resistance, the FPS action video game from Teyon and Reef Entertainment that arrived on PC, PS4 and Xbox One just a year ago, receives quite striking new content for free, but at the moment only for Steam. This is the new Infiltrator mode that, as its name suggests, puts us in the shoes (pun intended) of a fearsome T-800 through an infiltration mission.

You can now play as the mythical T-800

This has been announced by those responsible for it through a new trailer that you can see heading this news, sharing all the details of this new update and some screenshots through an official statement on Steam. And it is that as they advise, this content is only available for the PC version of the title through Steam; It is also not said anything about whether it will also come to PS4 and Xbox One in the future, so it could well be just a detail for players on the Valve platform.

And it is that as explained from Reef Entertainment, this new Infiltrator mode will encourage us to sneak into a resistance base with the appearance of a human, as if it were Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, to annihilate all the human beings that we can while we treat to recover key intelligence data and destroy their arsenals. Of course, without the appearance of the famous actor.

Which would be to reverse the roles of said video game, since in the main campaign we are the ones who fight against the fearsome Terminator; and also with the possibility of seeing the action in first person from the classic red interface with the human detector.

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