Play and Watch Super Mario Bros., impressions the classic


The latest Game & Watch, paying homage to a hit format from the 1980s, is now on sale. The 35th anniversary of Super Mario was celebrated by Nintendo with several announcements related to the plumber. From the trilogy of 3D games appeared on Nintendo 64, Gamecube and Wii to a Mario Kart in real life, going through a kind of Battle Royal on Switch … And the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. Remembering origins and first steps, This new little machine, already on sale for 49.99 euros, seeks to honor the pocket machines that were published during the eighties and also the first two adventures of Mario on the NES: Super Mario Bros and the challenging The Lost Levels.

It is not without its that in the week that Xbox Series X | S reaches stores around the world and PS5 makes an appearance in several countries, Nintendo launches its most retro console. The device comes with a USB-C cable to connect to the power, naturally saying goodbye to those button batteries that are so hard to find today. Its measurements are 67mm x 11mm x 12.5mm and the weight is less than 70 grams. It is very light and has a 2.4-inch illuminated screen that lasts for 8 hours on. But what is inside?

Next to a classic Zelda Game and Watch.

The device comes with two games. On the one hand, Super Mario Bros., the original. With whom it all started. Little can be said about the title that launched the NES and that marked the future of the platform genre. On the other, Lost Levels, known as Super Mario Bros. 2 and that in our country we never had until it joined the All-Stars of Super NES. A very challenging title, with demanding jumps, enemies placed with a bad temper that seem designed by any of those crazy people who roam freely in Super Mario Maker 2 and the possibility of playing with Luigi, who has a much greater jump but also a skidding that can give us more of a headache.

The Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. proposal is completed with two more extras: on the one hand, the possibility of using it as a digital clock showing the time while we see a sequence of Mario with enemies and structures of all kinds, which can also be changed to see other scenarios (no, it does not have an alarm); and the Game & Watch Ball, in which we have to control some balls left and right that, as if it were a juggler, Mario and Luigi are throwing from one side to the other. A vice that also pays tribute to a classic game of these little machines.

You do not know what awaits you with this game.

Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. fools no one, and offers everything expected of this collector’s item. A retro design that fans of Nintendo devices will love, a couple of games that are history and a stylish box. We talk about the box because it does not stop having more of an exhibition product soul than a game. There are many ways to enjoy both Mario titles currently in better condition, because although the crosshead responds well (very much reminiscent of the classic ones and the NES one), the rubber buttons are not as immediate or precise to jump and run, on everything in Lost Levels where everything is much more demanding.

To all this, it brings with it some extras. We can manage both the volume and the brightness, in addition to of course marking the correct time. In both games we can have infinite lives if we start them by pressing and holding the A button, and as we have read there is a way to choose levels in The Lost Levels if we beat the game eight times, something that we have not achieved at the moment.


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