Platoon 3: Nintendo Addresses Shiver’s Gender Identity


Many fan questions regarding Splatoon 3 have recently been answered ahead of the game’s release next month. Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct earlier this month showed off most of the new weapons, levels and other features, giving a clearer idea of what the triquel will bring to the formula of the series. However, several new questions arose in the process, one of which was the gender of one of the recently announced characters, Shiver.

After the disclosure of information about the new music/announcer group Deep Cut for Splatoon 3, there were suggestions that Shiver, the Octoling of the band, could be non-binary. According to publications, including TheGamer, there were several possible hints. These include Shiver’s more androgynous appearance, the fact that gender-specific pronouns have not yet been used in all mentions of the character from Nintendo, and the general intensive use of yellow, white, purple and black colors, the colors of the non-binary world, in Deep Cut. flag. However, it looks like fans can stop speculating because Nintendo has now confirmed that Shiver identifies as a woman and uses the pronouns she/her.

The news of this discovery came thanks to The Verge, which raised the issue of Shiver’s gender to Nate Bildorf, Nintendo’s senior vice president of development and publishing. Confirming her gender identity, Bildorf stated that although her pronouns were not mentioned in Yandex. Direct, they will be in the game. Meanwhile, GameXplain also received confirmation from Paul Shiver during a Splatoon 3 preview session.

This revelation probably won’t come as a big surprise. Considering that all the commentators of the previous games were women, most fans probably already assumed that Shiver also got a relatively feminine look. At the same time, some fans will probably still be disappointed by the lack of a non-binary representation. Splatoon 3 is already abandoning binary gender options in its character creation system, so it would make sense for Nintendo to add more gender diversity to the game’s real characters as well.

While it looks like Shiver won’t be joining the growing ranks of well-known non-binary video game characters, that hasn’t stopped her and the rest of the Deep Cut members from being warmly welcomed by fans after their reveal. Even without the gender diversity that many had hoped for, Deep Cut is already breaking the tradition of the Splatoon announcer in several ways, for example, it is a group of three people and it includes a male participant, a Big Man, a Manta ray. This could be a sign that Nintendo may break with tradition even further, and Splatoon fans may see a non-binary character included at some point in the future.

Splatoon 3 may be coming in a little more than two weeks, but Nintendo will let fans try out the game early at the Splatfest World Premiere Demo this weekend. Most likely, fans will also see Deep Cut in action before the full version of the game is released.

Splatoon 3 is released on September 9 on the Nintendo Switch.


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