Platoon 3: How To Unlock More Emotes ?


Emotes give players the opportunity to express themselves in Splatoon 3, and there really are a lot of them. However, fans will only have access to one emotes when starting the game, and some players may not know how to unlock more of them. This guide is designed to shed light on this issue and help fans start earning new emotes in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3: How to get emotes

The first step to unlocking emotes is to reach level 4, which requires players to make some effort to gain experience. Participating in Splatoon 3 online multiplayer matches is a great way to get this preliminary experience, and it won’t take long for fans to reach the required level. After getting level 4, players must press X while standing in Splattsville to access its map, and then select a department store to get to it quickly.

In the Splatoon 3 department store, called Hotlantis, players will meet a character named Harmony, and she will provide them with their very first Catalog. In fact, this is a free combat pass that gives various rewards, among which there are emotes . Indeed, the Catalog is a source of new emotes , and players who want to get some of them will need to earn Catalog points and work with its levels.

As for how to earn catalog points, they are awarded at the end of multiplayer matches. In fact, players will receive some of these points regardless of the outcome of their matches, although it is reasonable to win at least one victory every day. Thus, fans will work with the catalog by simply participating in various game modes in Splatoon 3, and those who want to do it as quickly as possible should strive to show good results during their matches.

Please note that the catalog available at the time of writing is related to the 2022 rain season and consists of 100 levels. Emotes in this catalog can be found at levels 3, 15, 35, 51, 76 and 98, and fans can view them in the Nintendo Switch Online app. However, the Drizzle Season 2022 catalog won’t be available forever, and Splatoon players interested in his emotes should receive them by November 30th.


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