Platoon 3: How to get titles


While Splatoon 3 has kept a lot of what fans love, from some lawn battle maps to weapons, it also has a lot of new content like lockers and tablet battles. There are also more customization elements, one of which is the SplashTags name tag. These Splashtags are visible to all players before and after matches in lawn battles, lawn battles and salmon runs.

To set up Splashtag in Splatoon 3, press X to open the menu and go to the Status tab. There will be an edit button that will allow the player to change their banners, titles and icons. As for the titles, players can edit sections, adjectives and topics. For example, adjectives include “No Ink” or “Attention-grabbing,” and topics include “Lawn Warrior” and “Fashionista.” How to get different titles depends on the title. Some of them open at the catalog level, while others open in the history mode, in the shell extraction machine and in the salmon run.

Getting Titles via Shell-Out Machine

There are many games to unlock in Splatoon 3. Just by playing the game, you will definitely get some default titles. However, some methods offer more names than others. One of the most effective ways to get the title is Shell—Out Machine. The car is located in the Combat Hall, to the right of the locker room. This is a gacha game that can be used cheaply once a day for 5,000 cash.

Gamers with particularly heavy wallets can pay 30,000 in cash for each additional game per day. Keep in mind that when using the Shell-Out Machine, some titles have a much lower chance of getting than others. Some of them are ordinary drops, others are rare. It’s all about luck.

Getting Titles through Catalog Levels

Catalog levels can also award titles. Titles are unlocked at the following levels:

Catalog Level 2 Catalog Level 18 Catalog Level 33 Catalog Level 38 Catalog Level 47 Catalog Level 54 Catalog Level 57 Catalog Level 67 Catalog Level 73 Catalog Level 85 Catalog Level 93 Catalog Level 96

To quickly level up in the catalog, be sure to win at least one battle for territory per day. Each completed battle will raise points to the Catalog level. Wins bring more points, but even those who are worse in the match still get rewarded. No points are awarded for incomplete games, so logging out or disconnecting during a match cancels all points. This also applies to Salmon Run content.

Collecting all the titles is one of the most difficult tasks a player can set for himself in Splatoon 3. There are a total of 1,139 collectible titles with 558 adjectives and 574 items. This gives players many opportunities to create unique games, and also means the active use of Shell-Out Machine.

Some titles are awarded for completing the story mode. It is also recommended to level up in Salmon Run, Tableturf and Turf battles, as leveling up in general will make getting titles easier and easier.

Splatoon 3 is available for the Nintendo Switch.


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