Platoon 3: How long does the story mode last?


Splatoon 3 has a story mode that is very different from its predecessors. Starting from the Crater, players begin to investigate the disappearance of a large zap fish, which, according to the Cuttlefish, was abducted by the Octarians.

After a confrontation with DJ Octavio, the players discover that the non-Octarians were behind the disappearance of the great fish-zap. Instead, there is a whole new threat to deal with, including a whole new area of the world. The cuttlefish turns out to be on the side of the kidnapper, and the player must rescue him, as well as investigate the disappearance of the big zap fish in this strange new land.

How long does the story mode last?

In Splatoon 3, the main plot takes place in the Alterna, an area under the crater unknown to either the Inklings or the Octarians. The gameplay is somewhat different, as players choose how they want to complete missions and in what order. Levels in Splatoon 3 can also be completely skipped due to the new way players reach other areas and islands.

Maps and levels

On all maps there are drops of fuzzy slime blocking the paths to new kettles that need to be cleaned. To clear the silt, you need to throw small fish into a bubble located somewhere on the ghostly mass. Using quick maneuvers, players can bypass some of these road blocks. Each fluffy silt has a certain number of power eggs that need to be collected to clear the way to the next level. Eggs are collected on levels by defeating enemies or opening crates. Additional eggs can be found around each island in crates or by using challenge balloons scattered on the ground.

Each level has its own thematic task, from jumping to testing weapons and even manipulating levels. Players will use all the skills in their toolbox to see the end credits for Splatoon 3. Playing in this mode has its advantages and is recommended for beginners in Splatoon. The time to complete most levels depends on the skill level of the player. Some will work in just a minute, while others may take 5 to 10 minutes to reach the goal.

However, not every level needs to be passed. Once enough eggs are collected to unlock the next area, players can skip past unfinished levels and move on to the next island, even bosses can be completely skipped if the right slime is removed from the way. Trying out each stage is a great way to test different types of weapons before going online. Alterna, divided into 6 islands, is one large playground for exploration, fortunately, fast movement is available, which makes moving around other islands much more enjoyable.

Completion time

Quantifying the average completion is difficult, as each player will progress at a different rate. Also, not every level has to be completed to meet the final boss. So taking this into account, a normal walkthrough involving every teapot stage on every island and trying to find most collectibles should take about 10 hours.

A walkthrough that doesn’t include going through all the levels and ignores collectibles will be significantly shorter than that. At about the 8 o’clock mark, players will see a roll of credits if they reach the end without collecting. Upon completion, players are rewarded with some special badges, as well as special equipment that can be equipped for their character in the game.

Splatoon 3 is already available for the Nintendo Switch.


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