Platinum Games Has Opened A Mysterious Website With Only ‘4’ Numbers


Platinum Games recently launched a fairly mysterious website. The only noticeable thing on the site was a huge ‘4’ figure. Although it is not yet known what this means, the most likely estimate was that the company will launch a fourth sequel.

The year 2020 is already quite active for the game world. There are many games to be released this year. In addition, the games announced to be released in 2021 make this year valuable for the gaming industry, even if they will not be released this year. The game developer Platinum Games company is known as one of the hardworking game companies of the year with its works on many games.

The company working on Bayonetta 3, Babylon’s Fall, Granblue Fantasy: Relink and Lost Order; It will revive some of its old games, as it will release new games. According to a claim, the company’s Wonderful 101 game is adapted to the Nintendo Switch platform. If the company has just launched a promotion site, it may be the harbinger of another game on the way.

What does ‘4’ point to?
Platinum Games recently launched a mysterious website showing only a large ‘4’ number. What the site wants to tell and for what purpose was the industry’s curiosity because the only content on the single-page site is this “4” number.

Other elements that we will not define as content on the site are the Japanese and English language options on the left side of “4” and social media sharing buttons on the right side of “4”. Also, if counted from the content, just below ‘4,“ # Platinum4 site is now open ”; that is, the phrase “Platinum4 site is now open”.

A sequel may come:
The ‘4’ number on the site goes back and forth as if it were displayed on an old TV, but for now, this detail also makes no sense. So just the number given on the site seems to correspond to something. The idea that a fourth continuation of the game is being developed by the company is the easiest and most obvious guess.

Bayonetta and Viewtiful Joe series may have a fourth game, but there is still no official statement made by the company yet. We will see what this site is trying to explain in the coming days.


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