The Platform That Fit Your Existence On The Internet In A Single QR Code: Sometity


It is very difficult to control the social media platforms that have entered our lives with the widespread use of the Internet. Especially the users who want to share their social media accounts and reach more people put a lot of burden on their shoulders. A project called Sometity creates your digital identity for free and allows you to easily share them.

Smartphone, internet and computer usage is getting more and more common. Consumers spend most of their time on their smartphones and use social media platforms to get their work done and a little distracted. Today almost everyone is actively using at least one social media platform.

The multitude of social media platforms may make it difficult to track accounts. If you are also trying to run various jobs on social media and need to share your social media accounts with others, things may be even more deadlocked. A new project called Sometity serves to keep all your social media accounts together.

Sometity, a combination that helps you keep links to your social media accounts of a platform based in Turkey. After subscribing to this platform, which you can use for free, all you have to do is to define your connections of social media platforms to the system.

The Sometity team names the project they have implemented as “Social Media Card”. In fact, we can say that this is the right approach. Because we can say that Sometity is the digitalized version of physical business cards. After entering your information in the system, people can easily find it if they want to reach you.

One of the remarkable aspects of Sometity is that it can create square codes. Users who have a Sometity account, who want to find themselves on other platforms if they share these data matrixes, can do this in seconds. Especially users who want to reach more people on social media seem to be able to benefit from Sometity.

Webtekno’s example corporate identity looks like this
Once you have a corporate identity created by Sometity, you can easily share it on your official website or on any social media platform. After your sharing, your followers can easily find you on other platforms. In this way, you can prevent the tracking of fake accounts that can be created on your behalf.

If you want to meet the Sometity family and get more detailed information, you can access the link here. Let’s remind you once again that Sometity is a completely free service.


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