‘Plastic’ battery charges 10x faster than lithium batteries


A team of Russian chemists has developed a new type of battery capable of charging 10 times faster than lithium-ion models, offering even less risk of causing fires and less environmental impact. The curious part, however, is that the creation is made of polymers – a group of which plastics are part.

In general, studies on batteries consider metals as the main material. However, researcher Anatoliy Vereshchagin and his colleagues at the University of St. Petersburg decided to take a different path.

Polymers and energy retention

Polymers are a broad group that includes, among others, materials based on nitroxyl (HNO). This “class” is promising for energy storage, as it has a high charge density and fast charging. But then, why is it not more common to use it?

The answer is simple: these materials have a low electrical conductivity, which prevents the collection of electrons, even when highly conductive additives are used.

Durable and safe battery

The prototype had a specific capacity of up to 91.5 mAh per gram of material, retaining 87% of its theoretical capacity. As for durability, the retention presented was 66% after 2,000 loading and unloading cycles.

“The new battery is capable of operating at low temperatures and will be an excellent option where fast charging is crucial. It is safe to use – there is nothing that could pose a danger of combustion, unlike cobalt-based batteries that are widely used today, “explained Professor Oleg Levin, who also participated in the study.


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